Main goals, solutions and huge projects:


Corruption eradication

G1. Zero corruption to become no. 1 in the list of non-corrupt countries
Corruption in Bharat is prevalent and is the root cause of many evils in the society. It is deeply rooted in 3 layers. The fist layer is the top leaders who either may be themselves corrupt or if not themselves corrupt, tolerate the corruption by closing their eyes since they are incapable of taking any action against it. The second layer is of top officials and bureaucrats who indulge in corruption by their shameful denial of all moral and ethical values. The third layer is the clerical staff busy making money by exploiting the situation of helpless citizens who fall prey to their greedy and avaricious demands.
All this can be very well changed and corrected. With majority in Lok Sabha, the top layer will be completely replaced by honest and sincere people. Enforcement of strict anti-corruption laws will stop corruption at the middle layer. Improvement in all the facilities and buying power will remove corruption of the bottom layer (see other items for details).

Best living facilities

G2. Provide decent air-conditioned housing with toilet and 24-hours electricity, water, gas and road connection for all 100% population
The goal of air-conditioned housing with 24 hours electricity, water and gas connection for all has many hidden goals, Current situation is that the majority of people either don't have a house and they live on streets, or they live in mud houses or in slums made of walls and roof of polythene sheets. They don't have water, electricity, toilets, etc. Air-conditioned house has an essential pre-requirement that there must be a house, a real brick-cement built house with 24-hours electricity, water, toilet, etc.
So, this one goal provides, first of all, a decent housing for all, and in the next step, makes it possible for all to have 24-hours electricity, water, gas and road connection and finally an a/c house (see other items for details).

Buying Power

G3. 10 times increase in buying power of the lowest 80% income holders
The statistics propagated currently regarding economic growth do not reveal the real facts. Consider the examples below.
Some people who were earning 10 crores of rupees are earning thousands of crores now. On the other hand, for the majority of people, hardships have increased because of no miraculous increase in their incomes and very high increase in the prices. The buying power of the lowest 80% income holders must be increased at least 10 times.
If someone is earning 100 crores of rupees and employs 100 people whose salary is 1 lakh rupees, the average salary of these 101 persons is about 1 crore. If at the same place live about 1000 more people who provide services to the 101 people and they earn 3000 rupees per month, the average salary for these 1,101 people is about 10 lakhs. Now, if at the same place live about 10,000 more people who don't have any job, and their income is zero, the average salary of these 11,101 people is about 1 lakh. So, statistically, it is a very bright picture. About 11,000 people having an average salary of 1 lakh. But the reality is entirely different. We have to consider the reality and attack at the real problems and handle the real issues.
Buying power will be increased by providing employment to all the people and keeping prices under control.

  • Employment will be achieved by making the best facilities for education and training available and by providing abundant employment opportunities with good salaries.
  • Prices will be kept under control with the help of public supermarkets

(see further details for the above items).
Increasing the buying power of the lowest 80% income holder will result in

  • Eradicating poverty and reducing the gap between the rich and poor,
  • Uplift of financial standards of middle and poor class people,
  • Raising per-capita yearly income to equivalent of 30,000US$.

Average Age

G4. Average age increase by 20 years of all the population, and average height increase by 8 cms of the shortest 90% of the population
There is so much of malnutrition for children, young and old, all over the country and at the same time, there are several types of diseases which are not found anywhere else in the developed world but are still prevalent in Bharat. Life expectancy is very low compared to that in the developed countries. This needs to be changed and improved by 20 years on average. At the same time, average height of Bharatvasis needs to be increased drastically.
This will be achieved by providing the best medical, health and sport facilities with drastically improved nutrition, based on increased buying power (see other items for details).


G.5 Win 100 Olympic Gold medals, world top 50 tennis, badminton, table tennis players, no.1 hockey, football, athletics, volleyball, swimming, ski teams
Very small countries with about 1 crore population, that means about 50 lakhs young people, win 20 or 30 gold medals in the Olympic games every year. Bharat has about 50 to 60 crores of children and young men. It is a pity that with such a large resource, we do not get even a single gold medal in Olympic games. This all has to change. We deserve at least 100 Olympic gold medals. We must have world top tennis, badminton, table tennis players, and also world no. 1 teams for hockey, football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, ski, swimming, etc.
This will be achieved by improved health with better nutrition as a result of better buying power, and by providing the best sport facilities (see details in other items).


G6. Win 10 Nobel prizes
Bharat, with its large pool of talented people in every field, deserves to get at least 10 Nobel prizes. This will be achieved by providing the best educational facilities, research centres and manufacturing facilities (see details in other items).

Floods and Droughts

G7. Provide automatic massive flood/drought control system (canal/reservoir/pumping network) and weather (fog/rain/storm/humidity) control system
Whenever it rains, there are floods in different parts of Bharat, killing mostly the poor people who don't have any solid shelter. Then, there are droughts when there is no rain and the poor suffer again. With so many rivers and so much of rains, it needs to be designed an automatic massive flood/drought control system to utilise the natural gifts in a suitable and useful manner for the welfare of all the citizens. This will be achieved with planned connection of all the major rivers from north to south and east to west and designing the automated canal/reservoir/pumping network systems.
Similarly, automatic weather control system for controlling fog, rain, storm, humidity will help achieve a much better life than now.

Traffic and Road Network

G8. Provide much better public transport system and extensive road network with strict traffic control rules
We need a top-class public transport system with extensive road network and well disciplined strict traffic rules, in order to reduce the chaos on poorly maintained roads. Many rich people and middle class people have very good cars. But what is the use of the cars if there are no good roads or no roads at all to drive? The poor quality of the existing roads and the lack of rules make it a nightmare to drive.
For this, all the villages and small towns will be connected by the best roads to the national road network and the best transport facilities – bus, underground train/metro, trains - will be provided for all the citizens connecting all the villages, towns, schools, hospitals, residential areas, shopping centres, public buildings, etc.

Social Security

G9. Provide social security, pension, medical insurance for all and have free health check by doctor home visit for above 55 (not even in Europe)
All the citizens need a social security system. Those who are employed in good companies or by the government, enjoy some good benefits like medical care, or pension etc. But those who don't have good jobs or those who work on their own account or those who run small or medium businesses have no guarantee of social security or medical facilities. It all needs to be changed and every citizen, whether employed, unemployed, or having own business must be covered by social security and pension schemes. This will also provide necessary help to all the needy and medically unfit persons who need special help due to health or fitness, or due to any disability.

Internal and External Security

G10. Ensure internal and external security by making police, army, navy and air-force proportional to population and size of Bharat meaning 10 to 50 times more than now
Bharat is a vast country and needs proper internal and external security arrangements which is not being done properly at present. If our borders are properly guarded, there is no reason that any terrorist can cross from the neighboring lands.
Similarly, if the internal security is taken care of properly, there is no reason that crimes can happen. We need to build up internal and external security forces according to the population and size of Bharat, that means sufficient number of security forces with all the modern facilities and equipment.


G11. Implement education reforms to have 100% literacy, professional education, Bharatiy/foreign languages with all the education of very high standard and free, to have only yog, arts, languages (regional, foreign) and sports education for 3-6 year children
In primary and kindergarten schools, interviews of 3-year old children’s parents are held for children’s admission to school. Children are loaded with books like donkeys. How many noble prizes have we won with all this unnecessary overloading? At the same time, 50% of children would not have entered a school. That means that 50% of the talent is already lost.
Balanced education needs to be provided to all the children of Bharat. And the education should be such that provides means to allow the full personality growth, to make good humans and citizens, to make possible the utilisation of the full potential of individuals. Some features:

  • Abundance of top class educational institutions for all kinds of higher/medium/lower general/professional education.
  • No entrance exam for any kind of education, only exit assessment system.
  • Possibility and provision of switching the education direction for the students.
  • Assessment by judging the abilities and capacity of understanding and using the course matter not by memorizing.
  • All primary education uniform, controlled by state: special attention for character building, only art, languages, music, yog, sports till 6 years of age.

Income Tax

G12. Tax reforms, to use the citizens’ money for the benefit of all the citizens themselves, not for the benefit of super rich countries
Many rich people of our country would not have paid either any income tax in their life or paid drastically low amounts compared to their real incomes. This needs to be changed. Proper taxation policies need to be formulated and implemented. The tax money will be utilised for the benefit of all the citizens.
This will be achieved by introducing new tax slabs with a view to uplift the living standard of the middle/lower class and small/medium businesses.

Public Contact with MPs/MLAs

G13. Saturdays, Sundays public meetings of elected representatives with public all over Bharat for monitoring, suggestions and directions by citizens and immediate actions by the representatives, so that the citizens become more participants and less spectators
Once elections are over, how many people would have seen their beloved elected MPs, MLAs or other elected people? The elected representatives become so busy after the elections that they don't have any time for the public.
To change this, Saturdays and Sundays will be reserved for public meetings of the elected representatives with the public all over Bharat. In these meetings, public will give the directions and feedback and elected representatives will have to take actions according to the feedback received from the public, thus making the public responsible for the type of governance it needs.

Political System

G14. Political system reforms for Loksabha, Vidhansabha, Rajyasabha, governor, etc., so that the public money is not wasted
Many people would have some idea about what goes on in Loksabha by either having read in the newspapers about or heard on radio about or seen on tv the theatrical dramas, verbal and physical violence, etc., which go on in Loksabha. But most of the people would not know what happens in Rajyasabha except the fact that if the political leaders are pleased with someone and want to favour him/her, he/she gets to Rajysabha and gets salaries, privileges, etc. Similarly, what goes on in Vidhansabha may be similar to Loksabha. It needs to be re-evaluated what is useful and what is pure wastage of public money, and accordingly reforms need to be carried out, so that the best system is offered to the public. One major flaw in the constitution is to have several political parties which are in total disagreement on most of the issues and have opposing views try to govern the country in centre government and state governments. Having many political parties as different governments in one country is one of the main sources of corruption where Central government claims to have allocated funds for people in different states but the state governments complain that the funds are not allocated, and so, no benefits occur for the people. All the money is absorbed by the corrupt people in the central and state governments. To change this situation, one major modification is required in the constitution for Loksabha and Vidhansabha: There should be only one election in which each Loksabha candidate will have a list of about 10 candidates attached. The attached candidates will be Vidhansabha candidates. The MPs who win the elections will go to Loksabha. The party that wins majority in Loksabha will send all their Vidhansabha candidates (from the list of attached candidates to Loksabha candidate) to all the Vidhansabhas in the whole country. That means all the Vidhansabhas will have the same party as in the Central government and only one party will be responsible for both Central and all the state governments.
Another change in voting system should be to make the voting requirement not for one party/candidate but for 2 parties/candidates, the second choice being for the second preference and so requiring to take into account the second preference at 50% value along with the first preference at 100% value and thus counting both the votes of first and second preference to get the overall votes count.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

G15. Cleanliness, hygiene 100 times better, 2 lakh rose/other flowers gardens
Even some of the best places in Delhi and Mumbai where many tourists also visit, stink of human urine and excretion. The conditions of slum areas where humans live, can be well imagined. One of the very important requirement in the Bharatiy environment is hygiene and cleanliness. Also, lakhs of rose/other flower gardens are needed for public.

Natural Disaster Help

G16. Immediate help in case of disaster like flood, earthquake, etc., no deaths due to floods, summer heat or cold in winter
Whenever there is any natural disaster like flood, or earthquake, etc., it is the poor who suffer the most. Thousands of people die every year because of extreme weather – rains, heat or cold. There is a need of setting up of multiple disaster help centres equipped with all the latest equipment, so that immediate help can be provided by the government in the disaster affected areas without any charitable international help. There should not be any deaths due to floods, hot summer or cold winter and no international help should be needed for handling the disasters quickly.

Crime Eradication

G17. Zero crime and 100 times faster justice system
New and modern techniques, equipments and methods are needed to check the rampant crime which has to be reduced to zero. The justice system in Bharat is so slow and it takes such a long time that it seems that time has no value. With proper increase in justice infrastructure, it is possible to make the justice machinery quicker.

Reservation Policy Solution

G18. 100 times better solutions for reservation policy leading to abolition of reservation
The current reservation policy is full of flaws. It encourages the outdated caste system. Effective and solid steps to improve the living standard of the majority of people who are very poor, need to be taken. Many of them are mentioned in the goals which will help raise the living standard of all and hence will not need any reservation policy.

Pollution Control

G19. Strict control of noise, industrial, emission and other pollution and massive reduction in pollution
There is so much of pollution of different types that we need very strict checks to control all the types of pollutions.
Measures to ban the toxic and hazardous industrial waste into rivers and massive cleaning of rivers are required. Effective steps will be taken to clean the rivers and maintain their cleanliness.
Also, enforcement of RRR (Reduce, Recycle, Re-use) program in all the industries will be done.

Progress through Research

G20. Research centres for energy, information and communication technology, health and pharmaceutical, aeronautics, Transport, bio-technology, defence, intelligent systems, heavy machines, semiconductor, security, etc.
Research centres for different areas will help to achieve the goals and will make Bharat self-dependant. At the same time, the products manufactured by Bharat based on the Bharatiy research will be sold everywhere in the world bringing wealth in the country and making the people of Bharat prosperous. This will ensure high employment opportunities in Bharat for all the Bharatvasis.

Public Entertainment

G21. 1 thousand fun/entertainment parks
For entertainment in the free time for the public and specially children, 1 thousand very high quality fun/entertainment parks with the latest advanced equipments will be made available.

Agriculture Output

G22. Agriculture output 20 times more
Agriculture output needs to be increased by modern agriculture techniques and equipments. Effective methods will be adapted to increase the agriculture area in the country by identifying suitable land and converting it into agricultural land without disturbing the ecological balance.


Why is it so that if an ordinary worker, teacher, or nurse working in Bharat wishes to travel abroad, he/she will have to spend an amount equivalent to about 10 months' salary to buy the ticket, while for a person of the same category working in West Europe or USA, it is about 15 days' salary? Similarly, the price of a small car is about 100 months' and 5 months' salary respectively.
Bharat has a huge requirement of its own facilities, research and development, and manufacturing. When we have our own equipments, we will not have to buy it from outside and at the same time, the foreign countries will be buying the equipments from Bharat. This will automatically raise the value of Bharatiy Rupee increasing it to make it equal to the value of Euro or more. On the contrary, if we don't have our own equipments, we will continue to spend the money, which should be spent on the welfare of Bharatvasis, to buy from foreign countries and so, continue to deprive the population of the welfare which it deserves.
All the huge projects will be directed/monitored by the steering/monitoring committee.

Advanced High Technology Defense Equipment

P1. L44 fighter plane (2x f22), submarine, tank, missile, warship, aircraft carrier, radar, all defence equipments more advanced than the current best technology
With so much abundance of engineers and scientists, Bharat is capable of designing and manufacturing all the advanced technology equipments for its defense needs. Once the equipments are designed and manufactured in Bharat, first of all, they will be available locally to fulfill the Bharatiy needs leading to huge savings. At the same time, they will be sold to the other countries of the world, providing a source of national income. Both the savings and the incomes will be utilised for the welfare of citizens.

High Speed Airplane

P2. 500 seats, 3000Km/hour airplane
Very simply described, an airplane whether fighter or civil, is a structure designed according to the aerodynamics rules, made of several metallic and/or synthetic material pieces joined together with some mechanical processes, fitted with equipments like motors and air-conditioning/air-pressure control systems, electronic/computer/instrumentation hardware and software, and some furniture. Bharat produces thousands of electrical, electronics, computer, aerodynamics, mechanical and other engineers. What is that talent for? If we can't use the engineers to make the airplanes, we are forced to buy them from foreign companies at exorbitant prices. If we have our own planes, we can not only use them for ourselves to fulfill our huge requirements, but also sell to the whole world, increasing the nation's income. The money thus earned will be used for the prosperity and welfare of citizens.

Very High-speed Trains

P3. 600km/hour fast train, 5 hours journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, 5 hours from Amritsar to Impfal
The Bharatiy rail system is quite outdated and needs to be changed to a very modern, advanced and comfortable train system. It is possible to have superfast trains all over Bharat reducing the time of travel immensely, e.g., from Srinagar to Kanyakumari in 5 hours and from Amritsar to Impfal in 5 hours.


P4. Manned exploration/space lab for other solar systems, intermediate destination mars
Bharat needs to come forward in the area of space exploration which will provide jobs to thousands of Bharatvasis.


P5. 50% solar, 50% nuclear fusion energy, hydrogen, other, 300 nuclear reactors
Bharat is blessed with so much sun and is so far behind to use this generous gift of nature, that it is a shame that the solar energy is practically not used at all. In fact, more than 50% of the Bharatiy needs of energy can be met by the abundant sunshine available. At the same time, new fusion, hydrogen and other sources of energy need to be explored and deployed to meet the tremendously required energy needs of the country.


P6. Telecom research, own telecom equipments, all households optical connection
There is a big potential of designing and manufacturing the big and small telecom equipments, thus eliminating the need to buy from foreign countries which is a drain of public money. Even countries like China are manufacturing and selling the switching equipments to Bharat, why not develop and manufacture our own?


P7. Bharatiy PC, supercomputer
Bharat has the brains to develop its own computers, both small and big supercomputers. This development needs to be planned and organised and it can be done very quickly. What is the engineering talent for, if it is not utilised to design, develop and manufacture our own supercomputers?

Education Facilities

P8. 500 IIT’s, 500 AIIMS’s, 500 IIM’s, 60000 medium/low-skill (technical/non-technical) professional schools
Bharat has about 50 crores of young people who need the best education facilities at all the levels. For this, there is a huge need of the best education institutes, colleges, universities and schools for different domains. If the facilities are available and the education is provided cheaply to all the young people, there will not be any need of reservation based on castes.
Also, education is the basis for increased employability of all the citizens.

Sport Facilities

P9. 1 lakh sport clubs for all the children, young and old persons, and 60000 top sports schools
To obtain a gold medal in Olympics, it needs about 10 years of hard-work and training. The children have to be provided top-class sport facilities so that they can show their talents to win the gold medals. At the same time, sport facilities will help to improve the general health of the citizens, both young and old, thus reducing the chances of becoming ill and so, increasing the average life expectancy. This will also increase the employment opportunities.

Health Care

P10. 10000 top class hospitals
With its large population, Bharat needs a big number of top class hospitals, so that the citizens' health is taken care of with utmost care. At present, only one or two top-class hospitals are available in only very big cities. These hospitals are overcrowded because the population of the big cities has increased enormously. The situation in medium and small cities can well be imagined. We need to provide the best health care to 100% of the population, that means, a huge number of high-quality hospitals providing almost free medical facilities to all the citizens are needed.

Innovative Products

P11. Innovative product development, cyclone prevention, weather control, future travel, etc.
In Bharat, we miss the innovative ideas. A very simple example is of bicycle. Bicycle is one of the most used means of transport all over Bharat for many years. But over the many years, there has been only one model available with practically no accessories, for example, for carrying the children. In western world, they have made several models of bicycles to meet different types of needs like bicycles with gears, for mountains, etc. At the same type, different types of carriages for children are in the market there. The western mind looks always for improvements and innovation which is lacking in Bharat. We must encourage the growth of innovative ideas which should be aided to be converted in new products, and the improvement of the existing products should take place at the same time.

Luxury Car and Modern Bus

P12. Bharatiy luxury car, comfortable bus
Bharat should develop and manufacture its own cars for its own market instead of buying from abroad. Car is a very small machine which can be very easily designed by the mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer engineers who are available in plenty in Bharat. Why not use these engineers?


P13. World’s biggest and/space telescope
For astronomical and space research, Bharat should build the world's biggest land/space telescope.

Electronic Chips

P14. Micro/nano-chips development
For all the advanced equipments, Bharat should have its own chip development and manufacturing facilities.

Medical Equipment

P15. All latest medical instruments, more advanced than the current best technology
There is huge need of all Bharatiy advanced and high-quality medical equipments for Bharatiy market. These equipments, once developed and manufactured in Bharat, can be supplied to foreign countries, resulting in huge incomes for Bharat.


P16. Consumer electronics, home appliances
Bharat needs its own electronic and home appliances for its own needs.

Heavy Machines

P17. All heavy industrial machines, road building, cranes, CNC, others
All the advanced heavy industrial machines should be developed and manufactured in Bharat as there is a huge requirement of all these machines in Bharat.


P18. Filth and environment management
Many places in Bharat in all the cities and villages are full of squalor and garbage, lacking basic sanitation and hygiene. Many people are forced to live in these deplorable conditions. This gives rise to many diseases. To change this, a very powerful filth and environment management is needed all over Bharat, to make Bharat the cleanest country in the world.
Also, special steps are needed for protection and conservation of Tribal regions, forests and wild life of the country.

Disaster Help

P19. 60 thousand well-equipped disaster help/recovery centres
Every year, natural disasters like flood, earthquake, etc., occur in some or the other part of Bharat. We need huge number of very well equipped natural disaster help and recovery centres all over Bharat, to save the human life and properties in case of natural calamities.

Judicial System

P20. 50 times increase in judicial system infrastructure, courts, judges, staff, etc.
Bharat with its huge population and high crime rate needs an improved and fast judicial system which can be possible by improving and modernising the judicial infrastructure. The crime has to be checked by quick and severe punishments.

Social Care System

P21. New social department linked with tax, employment, education, internal security, housing departments
To manage properly, we need a sophisticated social care system. This will provide the basis of better life for all - education, sports, health, employment, no crime, better life. Bharat (about 30 lakh sq km) needs to be divided in 60 thousand units (Rashtrkhands) which would be of maximum about 50 sq. km. size or maximum about 20,000 population. For each of these units, the following 12 persons will be responsible to take care of the population in the area of the unit:

- 1 social worker who will take care of the needs of education, sports, employment, health, housing, security, pension, etc.
- 1 administration worker to take care of all the administration – birth/death registration/certificates, passport
- 1 infrastructure worker to take care of all the infrastructure like roads, transport, education, sports, hospitals, judicial help, electricity, water, gas, etc.
- 1 tax worker to control the tax payments
- 1 police worker to provide the security
- 1 medical doctor to take care of the health
- Pollution
- Garbage
- Traffic
- Culture
- Sports
- 1 MLA to coordinate and monitor
The above 12 persons will be the backbone of all the changes to be introduced. They will be connected by a Virtual Private Network to the monitoring committee by mobile video telephony and will be continuously contacted and monitored. Any complaint of any citizen in any unit will be attended very quickly by this system and the standard of life of all the citizens will be improved by this social care system. Peoples' needs will be analysed and the solutions provided with the help of a huge country database to keep track of each citizen and permanent monitoring.

Music and arts

P22. 60 thousand music schools, Bharatiy classic (south, north, rabindra sangeet)/western classic (piano, orchestra), 60 thousand arts schools
Music and art are an important aspect of life and this needs to be taken care of by a huge number of schools equipped with all the facilities. Attending these schools will encourage the children, young and old people to appreciate the life better. This will also increase the employment opportunities.

Public Toilets

P23. 20 lakh extremely clean and hygienic public toilets, out of which 100000 each in 10 big cities
Many places all over the cities and villages are open toilets for a huge number of citizens. This primitive way of open toilets for humans needs to be changed to the modern way of hygienic built toilets with proper sewer and drainage connection. Many diseases can be prevented automatically by proper toilet facilities all over the country.

Agriculture research

P24. Agricultural research and reforms, better, advanced farming techniques, subsidies, financial help for farmers
Majority of Bharatvasi farmers are busy toiling in their fields with their century old techniques. With major research in the area of agriculture, a lot of improvement in agriculture output is needed. At the same time, policies need to be introduced for the benefit and safeguarding the interests of hard-working farmers and consumers, to eradicate the middlemen in agricultural market, to transport farm products to and sell them in the markets.

Milk Dairies

P25. 50 thousand cheap, big, high-quality supermarkets to keep prices under control and 10000 modern milk dairies
All over Bharat, 50 thousand cheap and big supermarkets with the highest quality products are required for the public. Similarly, milk and milk products are the much needed nutrients to increase the height of people, and for this, a huge number of modern dairies are needed. The supermarkets and milk dairies will be set up all over the country.

Trustees of Maulik Bharat
  • Rajesh Goyal
  • Vikas Gupta
  • Anuj Agarwal
  • Pawan Sinha
  • Ishwar Dayal
  • Dr. Amarnath
  • Dr Sunil Maggu
  • Gajender
  • Susajjit Kumar
  • Sh.Rakesh
  • Col. Devender
  • Smt. Usha
  • Umesh Gour
  • Anant Trivedi
  • Neeraj Saxena
  • Sudesh
  • Prashant
  • Pradeep
  • Ranveer
  • Kamal Tawari

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