Police itself the problem!!

BY : Neeraj Kumar

India Gate and Vijay Chowk are witness to the brutal crackdown by Delhi Police against peaceful protesters. The police always discover an alibi and pump it through media that there were confirmed reports about miscreants infiltrating the "sharif protestors". There was no burning of police vehicle, no desecration of any national monument, no attack on public offices and no clash with the common man… The only miscreants were the police themselves. The way they rushed with water cannon, tear gas and lathicharge all simultaneously, clearly points to the police preparedness against any voice by the citizen. It's a foregone conclusion that India is a police state. When people demand more policing for the security of the women folk, they are getting trapped in the police bait. Police are not the solution, they are the problem for law and order and the democracy. The new generation has tasted the brutal behaviour of the cops. They should now demand roll back of policing, and one can be assured how democracy would become vibrant once again. India is no more a democracy. The democratic mask is off. While there were only 54587 recorded protests in India in the year 2010-11, China witnessed more than 1,80,000 protests during the same period. Many of these protests are communal, and caste-based and fomented by the political parties. If we exclude such protests, the citizen protests for better governance and rule of law remains minuscule. 16542 protests were organised by political parties and 3029 protests were communal in nature. Hardly, 26670 protests were organised by labour, students and citizens across India. The police don't clamp down against protests organised by political parties least that would entail scrutiny from the law making bodies. The citizens are the turkey for the police's Thanksgiving Day for their unbridled power in a fake democracy. While stringent conditions are invoked for the peaceful protests by the citizens, no such guidelines are ever followed by the police to crush the peaceful protests. The Police are not mai-baap. They are being paid from our purses. In Delhi alone, the Delhi Police gets Rs. 3126.93 crore (2010-11) for effective policing. But, a force raised on our blood act as mercenary for the decadent governance to bleed us. On the one hand the government is trimming the civilian employees in the name of reducing fiscal deficit, but on the other hand, it is engaged in massive enhancement of police apparatus. India is now in the league of countries like Iran where citizens pose graver threat to the governance than the external enemies. With coming recruitment of 71000 more paramilitary personnel, India's paramilitary forces which are deployed for internal pacification of dissent will surpass the total strength of defence forces (army, air force, navy). Against 13,25000 defence forces, there will be nearly 14 lakh central paramilitary forces. India is thus a uniquely placed democracy where the citizens are worse enemies than neighbouring enemies. China, though a non-democratic country has paramilitary-defence forces ratio of only 65.64 per cent, but the same in case of India crosses 100 per cent. It is such a functional democracy that for staging a peaceful protest, one needs to get permission from the cops and also to furnish a bond as to what one is going to speak along with a limitation that not more than a particular number can join protest. Though, the government says that they have ended the licence raj in the commerce, they have put protests and dissent under the licence raj of the worst of the public servants, the brutal cops. Indian democracy is under the licence raj of brute Cops with colonial hangover. Protesters should reflect over their wounds and think ahead that if only baton-wielding "civilised" police of national capital can muster so much shamelessness to beat in broad daylight the women and the girls like chickens; what brutality can be ensured by the RAFs and the other Central Paramilitary forces? The State is preparing itself to usher into a totalitarian fascist state. The expenditure as well as recruitment of the CPMFs have grown manifold in the last 5 years when an unstable coalition came into power. It has been often observed that only a weak government, led by discredited persons, is inclined to turn despotic. One can just reflect over these mind-boggling figures. Expenditure on CPMFs since 2004-5 to 2010-11 has grown from 8689.26 crore to 27453.61 crore. It is a 204 per cent jump or 30 per cent annual jump in expenditure, while manipulated GDP growth is still in the single digit. The development is still picking up. The state has to deliver to aspiring billion. But, rather than expanding the welfarist agenda and to implement the policies, the state is withdrawing from the delivery mechanism. The state is withdrawing subsidy from LPG cylinders and petrol-diesel (though none exist and all these game of subsidy through under recoveries drama is merely manipulation of figure on paper). But, now expanding expenditure in the name of modernising security forces and surveillance mechanism over the unarmed, docile citizens The state is only focused on bloating the security apparatus. While on one hand, the civilian employees are dwindling, there is a concomitant rise in the security forces. Similarly, the State forces have grown by 40% within a decade. If we just add up the security forces in the public employment, it comes out to be nearly 5 million. Even the British during the Second World War didn't have such a huge force. Indian army was deployed across Turkey, Middle East, South East Asia and North Africa, but the strength of army was 26.62 lakh and internal police was not as much bloated as it is now. Britain was handling a fiery nation and a world war at that time. India of the present has withstood million mutinies and is at peace with itself. The growth in security apparatus is not concomitant to the basic requirements of law and order. During the year 2010, in a total of 54,587 agitations, 106 civilians and 3 policemen were killed, whereas 810 civilians and 371 policemen were injured. This reflects how Indian police forces are adept in murdering own protesting citizens. Increasing securitisation of Indian state and shifting emphasis on brutal crackdown is a clear sign that we are into a despotic regime of copocracy. The police rules and the bureaucracy-politicians-media try to provide a raison d'etre to their lathi power. The states where police-citizen ratio is higher in India are the worst in terms of law and order. Manipur, Nagaland and J&K have the best citizen-police ratio. The government might reason that due to aggravated law and order situation, new police stations are being opened. But, reverse is true. To open new police stations, police and the state orchestrate to worsen law and order situation. It is the inexorable logic of expansion of every institution. If it does not expand, it will suffocate to death. And for the police organisation to expand, it is mandatory to aggravate law and order situation. More police stations means higher funds and higher returns. Delhi spends 12 per cent of its budget on Delhi Police. This is far higher than national average of 4.76 per cent of State Budgets. Only 6 states have higher expenditure on Police - J&K, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram and Meghalaya. But, none of these has more than 8 per cent. We can see that most of these higher expenditure states are insurgency affected peripheral regions of the country. But, Delhi is at the core, the capital of the country and the policing here are much more intensive than even insurgency affected regions. Delhi is in a State of Agamber's exception. Delhi is already made to be sanitised of any kind of dissent, howsoever peaceful or democratic that might mean. Now let us see what happened with protesters on Saturday and Sunday. Hardly 3000 policemen were enough to beat them time and again and force them to retreat. But, Delhi has more than 37000 police personnel which can be used for action at one time. Delhi has more than 17000 armed reserve personnel under 17 battalions. One can imagine what treatment these ruthless people can indulge in once their legitimacy comes into question. Also to keep in mind is the fact that personnel are recruited from Haryana and Western UP—India's most wild regions with Khap Panchayats and horde mentality of looting wealth and women. It is not uncommon to observe that one person in family joins Delhi Police and another becomes the gangster. The police and ruffians belong to same house, same social milieu and same sensibility. It is why when girls protested against the cruel rape of a girl in a moving bus, the police attacked girls like the criminal rapists indulging in sadistic pleasure of desacralising modesty of women. The calculation of the active military-paramilitary ratio of significant countries reveals the contour Indian democracy has taken up. We see how most of European countries do not have any paramilitary. In fact many Latin American countries like Brazil and Venezuela have no paramilitary. A democracy does not need paramilitary. For a democracy, citizens are not the enemies but the citizens. India is no longer a democracy upon this very parameter. It has the worst ratio. It is now a complete Police State. The scenes at India Gate and Vijay Chowk are merely the trailer. Before the tyranny of cops gets firmly established, let the nation raise hands and say, "Disarm! Disarm the charging cops". Better disarm the huge securitised State apparatus. It is an all out battle between State Vs. Street. The Street reclaimed the Raj Path momentarily. The Street must reclaim liberty to dissent and demand the disarming of a cop state. If even in China, 1,80,000 protests take place in a year, why India has only 54,000? We have lost the competition in dissent against our arch cynosure, China, once again?

Armed Forces 1321000 Territorial Army 40000 Central Paramilitary 914696 (sanctioned) State Armed Police 2064370 Home Guards 4,16,000 Total 4756066 Gang rape, Delhi Police, piety politics and media There are indications of a well-calculated conspiracy behind the public ire witnessed after the heinous gang rape incident in Delhi. The role of some news channels in the entire episode too is being questioned. It is no secret that the UPA government was desperate to get rid of the negative publicity it was getting everyday following innumerable scams, demonstrations over FDI in retail, reservation in promotion, land acquisition bill, Lokpal bill, and the latest landslide victory of Narendra Modi in Gujarat despite every effort as well as conspiracy to political kill him Gujarat itself. The owners of majority of the news channels in our country are basically corporates and many of them are involved in some scams also. Under a well-designed strategy formulated along with the government, they started a sustained campaign on Janlokpal bill and now the Gang rape by instigating the youth. No individual, political party or organisation can speak negative on such emotional issues. When the BJP, Baba Ramdev and Team Kejriwal tried to draw political mileage from this agitation, it was turned violent and then it was suppressed. Even the heart attack of a constable was tried to portray as the death due to injuries caused by the protestors. The question is how long the country will continue to face such confused agitations and sponsored conspiracies on the part of the government, media or the police? Will the real problems of the country ever be resolved? Perhaps, it is not possible under the present regime. (Editor) Reclaim dissent, Reclaim democracy and disarm the copocracy! Active Military/Paramilitary ratio- International comparison State Active Military Paramilitary Active Military/ Paramilitary ratio Afghanistan 200,000 0 ~ Argentina 130,263 31,240 23.98 Australia 59,023 0 ~ Bangladesh 157,053 63,900 40.7 Belgium 38,452 0 ~ Brazil 327,710 0 ~ Burma 406,000 107,250 26.41 Cambodia 124,300 67,000 53.9 Canada 68,250 4,554 6.67 China 2,285,000 1,500,000 65.64 Cuba 49,000 26,500 54.08 Denmark 26,585 0 ~ Egypt 468,500 397,000 84.73 Finland 22,600 7,550 33.4 France 352,771 46,390 13.15 Germany 195,893 0 ~ India 1,325,000 1,300,586 98.18 Indonesia 302,000 280,000 92.7 Iran 523,000 1,510,000 288.7 Iraq 276,600 386,312 139.66 Ireland 10,460 0 ~ Israel 176,500 8,050 4.56 Italy 293,202 142,933 48.7 Break up of Operational 69645 personnel of Delhi Police (2008) Police HQ 448 Crime & Rlys. 1193 Special Branch 693 Special Cell (SB) 611 Traffic 5183 PCR 8029 Security 3641 Rashtra Pati Bhawan 965 Communication 2735 IGI Airport 564 South Distt. 4050 SouthWest Distt 2631 West Distt 2443 North Distt 2844 North West Distt. 1806 Central Distt 2744 New Delhi Distt 2169 East Delhi 2775 North East Delhi 2234 Bn. 1-15th DA P 17123

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